About Me

Hi! Thanks for checking out my website. I’m the mother of a hidden pearl. Now let me clarify. While I love jewelry, the pearl I’m talking about is my daughter. My husband and I, along with our two boys who were 10 and 11 at the time, plunged into adopting our daughter in 2014, when she was 6 years old. Our lives are forever changed thanks to God’s good plan.

Adoption, while rewarding, isn’t easy. I refer to my daughter as my hidden pearl because on the one hand, her personality shines like a pearl. She’s caring, funny, tender, athletic, full of life, and much, much more. She’s a gem. On the other hand, like a pearl hidden in its’ shell, a layer of emotional dysregulation, behaviour issues, insecurities, anxiety and loss hides her true self. The trauma she experienced in-utero and as a young child broke her. It’s my desire to continually love all of her, and I’m excited to see the impact of God in her life.

The gift of motherhood, and God’s calling to adopt, excites me. Although parenting is tough, draining, and down right emotionally exhausting, God’s grace helps me persevere. I hear His whispers, His messages, and His encouragement. They guide my thoughts and how I parent. They’ve been so profound, that I’ve created this website to share His messages along with other insights I’ve gained through this journey. As my journey continues, so too will my blogs. Enjoy =).