How to Find Hope Beyond Labels and Doctors

I slumped in my chair as I listened to the doctor speak. “Your daughter’s unpredictable behaviours and social difficulties will reappear once she returns to a mainstream classroom……There’s no point in making a referral for her Fetal Alcohol Effects. Her brain is impaired and can’t be fixed…..Your daughter isn’t a candidate for effective ADHD medications due to her Tourette’s.” Then came the blow: “There’s nothing more I can do for her.”

A cloud of gloom threatened to envelop me. The weight of despair was ready to consume me. The bleak future the doctor painted could have easily left me feeling hopeless. But I couldn’t let it. I fought back.

Fight Back With The Truth

I listened to the doctor’s prognosis and thought, You don’t know my God. My God made the heavens and the earth. He is powerful and can accomplish whatever He chooses. Even miracles.

I smiled at the doctor, and left his office knowing my daughter’s future is hope-filled. Throughout the day, my thoughts remained on God. I kept my positive attitude by singing a familiar kids’ chorus by Ruth Calkin: “My God is so big and so strong and so mighty. There’s nothing my God cannot do.”

The bible is filled with examples of God’s power. God parted the sea when Moses led His people out of exile. God provided manna to feed His people when they were in the wilderness. The same God brought our adopted daughter into our family. And the truth is, His plan will be accomplished.

Reflect on God’s Power

To affirm my beliefs, I reflected on God’s power as I’d seen it demonstrated in the past. He healed me from debilitating chest pains when I was a young adult. The miracle occurred in a flash of a second after numerous people prayed for me.

A decade later, my oldest son was diagnosed with speech apraxia. A disconnect existed between his brain and his tongue. This prevented him from moving his tongue in one direction. God worked through a special person in my life who gave me a book that taught me about the benefits of fish oil on the brain. After a few months of using a specific fish oil, my son could move his tongue and his speech became perfect.

God’s power is present all around us. Sometimes it’s subtle like a message in a book, and sometimes it’s profound like a miracle. When I attune my mind towards observing and reflecting on God’s power, I am strengthened. God is at work in my daughter’s life too.

Approach the Future with Hope

My daughter, like all children, is God’s child. He has a special plan for her, and He loves her more than I possibly can. I’ve seen numerous proofs of how He’s at work on her behalf.

God placed her in our care. Prior to adopting our daughter, my husband and I had some concerns. I rebuked them a couple times by saying “Maybe she’s a hidden pearl?” We later watched a webinar about our concerns and the title of all the slides were Hidden Pearls.

Little blessings have pursued. Most recently, He connected me, via some “coincidences”, with a program that strengthens the weak areas of the brain. The intake worker informed me that my daughter is a perfect candidate.

I don’t know what the future holds but I choose to face it with expectancy knowing God is in control. I will wait with patience as God, through the mediums He chooses, allows His plan to be fulfilled. If you too have a child with an illness or disability, there is hope beyond doctors. According to Luke 1:37 – “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

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