Christ’s Power Made Perfect in Weakness

The scissors flew past my face. “I hate you,” my daughter screamed. “I wish you were dead!”

My spirit withered. My daughter didn’t want to go to bed, and I didn’t have the energy to fight back. You’ll have a consequence later,” I warned. I dragged myself to my bedroom, closed the door, and planted myself in front of it so she couldn’t get in.

My daughter fumed. She kicked and pounded on my door. “Let me in,” she demanded. “Let me in! Let me in!” I refused. “Scaredy cat,” she mocked. Still, I didn’t budge. She scratched the hallway walls in anger. I took a deep breath. My emotional energy drained. I yearned to be alone.

Perhaps, if I’d felt strong, I could have picked up my screaming, kicking, wailing child and sent her to her bedroom for a time out. Maybe, if I’d felt strong, I could have reflected on her emotions and tried to reason with her. Or perchance, if I’d felt strong, I could have at least stood up to her so she’d see I was in charge. But on this day, I was anything but strong. I felt weak. Overwhelmed. Spent. And frightened.

“God, help!” I cried. And then I phoned my husband and texted a good friend: I need a miracle.

A half hour passed, and my daughter calmed. I opened my bedroom door and gazed into her beautiful green eyes. Her demeanor had softened. Compassion filled me, and I was able to deal with the situation.

Days like these make me grateful for Scriptures such as 2 Corinthians 12:9–“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Turning to God when facing hardships acknowledges His control over the situation. He’s the strong One when we are not, and He’s more than ready and willing to help us in our weakness. This scenario was a perfect opportunity for Him to step in and prove His strength.

As if that wasn’t enough to reassure me of His faithfulness, God blessed me in other ways over the following week. First, a friend called and asked me and my daughter to go for a walk. This blessed us with an uplifting outing. Second, my daughter was offered a spot in a day treatment program. The one-and-a-half-year wait list had disappeared. I jumped up and down. Lastly, I realized how fortunate my daughter was after talking to some other parents whose children are struggling academically. Her love for music propels her to persevere with piano lessons. She blossoms in this area.

I feel blessed despite my hardships because God is at work. Our weaknesses don’t doom us, and hardships aren’t always bad. Our thorns in life keep us focused on God who desires a relationship with us. When we turn to Him and realize He is in control, we see His many blessings. His grace overflows.

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