5 Tips to Bring Out the Joy Between Biological and Adopted Children

“Count to 40,” my daughter hollered to her older brother. Then she turned her attention to me.

“Mommy. Mommy. Where should I hide?”

“Right here,” I said. Her eyes lit up and she squeezed her skinny 9-year-old body into the kitchen cupboard.

Footsteps came thumping down the stairs. “I’m going to find you,” her brother teased.

Giggles emerged from the kitchen cupboard.

“Aha. Got you,” he declared.

My daughter grinned from ear to ear. “My turn to count,” she squealed, and the game continued.

Whether it’s my 13 or 14-year-old son playing this game with their sister, it always delights. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my children happy and getting along. I’ve worked tirelessly to achieve moments of harmony between my biological sons and my adopted daughter. It’s been a struggle, but I’ve learned some lessons along the way. They include: Continue reading “5 Tips to Bring Out the Joy Between Biological and Adopted Children”

Our Biological Children’s Journey With Adoption

My children are my prized possession, so when my husband and I adopted our six-year-old daughter two years ago, I grappled with my boys’ intense jealousy and anger. At ages 10 and 11, they seemed okay with the adoption until its permanency became real. Continue reading “Our Biological Children’s Journey With Adoption”